What Cameras Can You Use To Record Security Footage In Low-Light Conditions?

How well does your residential surveillance system function during the night time? Recording in low-light conditions has typically been challenging for security cameras, with infrared cameras being the only option available for quite a while. Recent advances in security camera technology, however, have introduced new options for homeowners who want to monitor their property at all hours of the day. To find out more about your choices to record security footage in low-light conditions, read on.

Burglars Becoming More Active In Your Neighborhood? Use These Security Tips To Keep Your Home And Family Safer

Crime rates are on the rise in many American neighborhoods, as evidenced by the growing wave of porch pirating attempts and home invasions. In many successful burglaries, the criminals simply took advantage of the existing vulnerabilities or lax implementation in the homeowner's security plan.  If you would like to improve the security of your home, these tips are designed to help you address vulnerable areas in your current home security plan and provide additional helpful security options to bolster your family's safety.