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Three Reasons Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises Need Web-Based Access Controls

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) prioritize security to protect assets and operations. Therefore, install an access control system to regulate admission throughout your business premises. However, choose a system that meets your security needs to get value for money.

Although on-site access control systems are common, select a web-based version to enjoy various benefits. Typically, web-based access control solutions operate on a server overseen by an offsite security provider. However, some business owners question why they should replace on-site access controls with web-based models. Here are three benefits of cloud-based access controls for SMEs.

1. Automatic Updates

Malicious entities explore vulnerabilities in access control systems to gain unauthorized entry into business premises. Therefore, update your system regularly to maintain tight security. However, some on-site systems need complex software upgrades, which might lead to operational downtime. Therefore, choose a web-based solution and enjoy automatic updates and patches.

An access control system that upgrades once every few months is a security risk. Therefore, install a web-based system because a service provider automates patching security vulnerabilities. Most importantly, unlike on-site solutions that require in-house intervention, the system responds to emerging threats.

2. Affordability

SMEs need access control systems that maximize value for money and minimize operational costs. However, on-site systems are typically costly since they need an in-house team to manage them. Conversely, web-based access control systems are affordable since they don't need extensive IT support and maintenance. Therefore, replace an on-site system with a cloud-based version to reduce operational costs.

Most web-based access control systems only require a one-time installation. In particular, a service provider handles critical tasks, including system upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Therefore, you only incur internet and subscription costs to keep a hosted access control system operational.

3. Seamless Integration and Scalability

Most SMEs aim to grow into large companies with multiple branches. Therefore, new premises require access control systems as a business grows. However, traditional access control solutions run on dedicated on-site servers, making scalability and integration complex. Instead, install a web-based access control solution to support your expansion ambitions.

Leverage cloud technology's scalability when installing access control systems. For example, host your system on a remote server and add more access controllers in the future. As a result, you enjoy the freedom to grow your business without hesitating to replace or add access control hardware.

Install an access control system to protect your business premises from unauthorized entry. Consider web-based solutions over on-site devices to enjoy unique benefits.

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