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Getting A Camera Security System? What And Where To Install

When your business needs more security, a camera network is a great addition. Installing the cameras in the right spots and ensuring they have the right features, though, are not as intuitive as you think. Some features may be overkill, and you have to ensure you're not violating other people's rights once the cameras are in operation. Consulting with a security camera company first is best.

Wired Is Likely Better — But Have Battery Backup

Wired and plugged-in cameras will have more stable power and transmission capabilities; wireless cameras may experience more interference. That makes it sound like wired cameras are always better, but they do have one issue: power outages. Make sure your camera system has a battery backup if the cameras normally are wired into the building's electrical system. That also helps if you encounter the rare but real issue of someone sabotaging the building's wiring to turn off cameras; if there's a battery backup, the cameras will still record.

Adding Audio Is Tricky, Legally Speaking

Recording video for security around your building is legal, but each state has its own laws on recording audio. Some make it illegal to record without all parties consenting, while others allow you to record audio when only one party in the conversation knows. Assuming you're in a state that allows audio recording without permission (e.g., one-party consent), adding audio-recording capability can be helpful if you're concerned about things like someone at a door trying to get in by impersonating a delivery person; you'd want a record of what they're saying. But for cameras along the side of a building where there are no entrances, for example, audio wouldn't do much good.

Watch Out for the Neighbors

If your business is in a mixed-use neighborhood where you're near residential properties, keep in mind that you need to aim the cameras so that they cover your property but not, say, the backyard of a nearby house. It's not unusual for a security camera to capture the front of a property on a public street, but side and backyards are more private, and people expect not to be filmed there without their permission. You'll want a security company to install the cameras; don't attempt it yourself. You might not know whether something is filmable or not.

A security camera system can definitely help you keep your property safe, but proper installation and maintenance are required. A security company can help you choose the right cameras and then install them for you.

For more information, contact a local company, like FutureLink Technologies.