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3 Places To Put Security Cameras That Intruders Use To Avoid Detection

Security cameras are a great way to see who approaches your home when you are not home. They are also a great way to see who is outside when you hear something in your home. If someone were to break into your home, security cameras can be a great way to identify who broke into your home. The key to security cameras is to know where to put them around your home.

#1 Basement Stairs

If you have a basement, you may want to put a camera on the stairs that go from your home to your basement. Many basements have windows that someone could break and squeeze through, or they have small access doors that someone could crawl through if they really wanted to get into your home.

If you put a camera on your basement stairs, make sure that you have motion activated lights in your basement so that the camera can spot the intruder. Or, install a camera that is only activated by motion and also has night vision so you can see who entered your home.

#2 Backyard

Intruders do not want to be seen going into your home, which is why they are going to try to be sneaky about it. Many intruders will try to find a way into your backyard before they try to get into your home. Or, an intruder may not even try to get into your home and just want access to your backyard. Garden tools, kid's toys, and even outdoor furniture and accessories can be costly and easy for a thief to take without ever setting foot in your home.

To keep your backyard secure, it is a good idea to install a motion-sensor floodlight. A motion-sensor floodlight will light up and may help scare away an uninvited guest in your backyard. When you place your camera, make sure it has night vision, and put it somewhere where it is easy to spot.

Oftentimes, just spotting or seeing a camera pointed at your backyard is enough to discourage someone from taking off with your garden supplies.

#3 Off-Street Windows

Once again, intruders do not like to be seen. That is why burglars often try to break into a home through a window that isn't visible from the street and thus will not attract the attention of people passing by or your neighbors.

That is why it can be a good idea to install exterior cameras that have a good view of the side of your home. A movable camera may be best for this environment, so you can change the aim when necessary.

Outsmart any potential intruder by placing cameras where they would least expect it, such as your basement stairs, off-street windows, and backyard. Oftentimes, the presence of a home security alarm system is enough to scare off a would-be intruder.