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Security Steps To Take When Moving Into A New Home

If you are in the process of moving into a new house, it is easy to get distracted with the organization of your items and the transporting involved to get your belongings into your new home. Moving time is a great time for theft to occur as thieves are well aware that you are not focusing your full attention on the safety of your home while you are trying to move items inside. Use these tips while going through the moving process so you have a lower chance at have a theft occur.

Install A Security System

One of the first things you should do when moving into a new home is install a security system. This, along with changing your locks, should be done before you start bringing your items inside to help keep them safe from theft while you are moving back and forth between homes. A security system service can install a system within a day and have you up and running before your moving van comes to bring in its first haul. Make sure only your family members know the pass code and have someone available to let the moving company inside when they arrive with your belongings. Contact a professional security service, like American Wireless Alarm Inc, for more information on purchasing a system.

Keep Cardboard Hidden

If you take your belongings out of cardboard boxes when unpacking, do not place them outside your house to get them out of your way. This will announce that you may have items inside that are of value for thieves to take. Instead, disassemble the boxes, fold them up, and place them neatly in a pile inside your house to take to a recycling center after you are completely moved into your home. 

Keep A Vehicle Handy

Keep a vehicle at each home while you are in the process of moving your belongings from one house to another. If a thief sees a vehicle in the driveway, they will think someone is inside even if you are actually at the other home trying to get things in order. 

Do Not Flaunt Valuables

If you have anything of value, do not flaunt it to the neighborhood when you move into the new house. Put curtains up on your windows right away so that large televisions or electronic equipment cannot be viewed from the road. Keep tarps over any valuable vehicles or boats to help hide them from plain view. Keep your garage door shut to hide any all-terrain vehicles or motorcycles. If thieves see these valuables from the street, they may try to gain entry to your home thinking there are valuables inside, as well.