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Don't Cause Alarm: Teach Your Children About Home Security

Are you thinking about getting a home security system to keep your home and family members safe? Do you have small children in your home who need to know how the system works and what to do in case of an emergency? If so, then now is a perfect time as ever to start teaching them about home security. Initially, you may think this is a complicated task, but if you follow the tips mentioned below, you should be able to get your kids interested in home security and help them stay safe at all times in your home.

Show Them How to Use the Alarm System

As soon as you get the alarm system for your home, the first thing you should do is explain to your children what it is for and how to properly use it. Get the children to come over to where the alarm is, show them how to arm and disarm it, what will happen if an intruder comes in, and tell them that they should call 911 if they hear the alarm go off. Of course, you will also need to tell them the difference between a real alarm and a false alarm so that they don't call the emergency services unnecessarily.

Teach Them Not To Answer the Door Unless They Know Who It Is

If your children are ever left at home by themselves until a parent can get off work, they need to be safe inside their home. Even if there is a home security system installed at your house, you also need to teach your children not to answer the door unless they know who it is. Explain to them that you will let them know in advance if any guests can be expected to come over. If you don't mention it, then they can assume that they shouldn't answer the door. Tell them that even if someone starts banging on the door to be let in and claims that they are someone the child should be let in, the child should still not open the door unless you have previously given them permission to do so. If the child has any doubts, explain to them that they can call you on your cell phone to see if it's okay to let the person in.

Teach Them About Phone Safety

In the event that the phone rings while the child is not at home, they need to know how to answer it in a safe manner. For this situation, you have a couple of options. You can teach your child not to answer the phone at all if it rings, as the person calling will leave a message if the call is truly important. If this doesn't seem satisfactory to you, you can allow your child to answer the phone, but you will need to tell them to use discretion with what they say. If the caller asks to speak to the child's parents, they are not to tell the caller that their parents aren't home or unavailable. Rather, they should say something like, "He/she's in the bathroom right now," and then tell the person they'll take a message and have them call back. While this may not be the most effective option, it will still keep your child safe.

Want to keep your child safe while they are home alone? If so, then follow the home security tips mentioned above and work with a company like Digital Security to get a security system that is straightforward enough that your kids can use it if necessary.